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Web Content Administrator

  • Kategorija: Ostalo
  • Tip: Stalni posao

Job Description:

The position requires some basic knowledge of working within an administration position. Person must be detail oriented and speak English well. Work includes updating website content on numerous sites and may include other minor jobs as necessary. You will work closely with the project manager to ensure a daily requirement for sites is met.

Compensation is $500.00 dollars a month.

Work Experience:
No previous experience is necessary for this position, but some familiarity with website administration and media files would be beneficial.

Skills & Knowledge:
Some knowledge of system administration would be helpful but is not absolutely necessary.
Being detail oriented is a must and person seeking position must have good English skills.

Kako se prijaviti:
Please, apply using the form: http://www.firstbeatmedia.com/jobs/view/18

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