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Social Media Marketing, SEO, Calling, VA's

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Posto sam sklopio tekst za freelancere iz raznih delova sveta, zeleo bih da vidim dal ima mozda ovde ono sto trazim (kod nas).
Vrlo je bitn oda procitate sve detalje, ovo je vezano za social media, digital marketing i potrebni su samo experti. U Beogradu sam da ne bude zabune zbog texta.

Hey, I hope you have 5 minutes to go over what I’ll say because I am trying to create something really special for freelancers like us. I will offer something amazing, I really hope you read this in depth since I won’t ever send you this message again.
You are not only one to receive this message, so hopefully you’ll take your time in replying to me.
The reason I am contacting you is because I need an expert, and I truly hope you are the person I am looking for.
Currently I am working for a real estate agency full time, and I have been working with real estate companies for the past 5 years. Recently I came across a database that’s really expensive (I’ll show you all live if you want to talk) and I have ways to do email marketing, voice broadcasting and ads throughout the US. I would like to focus mostly on real estate, since that’s where I can get a lot of clients fast. Talking about 50+ millions of emails, addresses, names, some cell phones, faxes and some other data (earnings, debt etc). It’s worthless and I won’t sell it to anyone until I’ve used it myself.

I've invested a lot in the marketing campaign that will go out in January. I will look only for long term employment for all of us, I’ll do most of the job in getting, talking and increasing new client base as a US citizen. I can sign contract, have legal obligation, so I can really find good work.
This way you don’t wait for people to hire you, you have a full time job, and it keeps on increasing.
If you are interested, please give me all your projects, details, why you and how can you increase the followers, sales etc. I am talking about real people only, no fake profiles, views etc. I want a long term relationship with you, so you’ll always have to learn, study, each day, so that we can grow into one of the biggest and best digital marketing agencies.
I've worked with entertainers, gaming industry, I have lots of connections that I'll go back to when I start the campaign.
You would work with me and we would work for others, so I am not your boss, they are, as long as they are paying us. Believe me, this is something that can grow fast. Most of this businesses are newly opened, so we don’t have much competition, since I’ll be the first one talking/emailing them.
Your duties would be to start managing our (if you jump on the train) social media, and perhaps find clients that way as well, I am offering you a part in the company, organization, however you want to call it, real clients that won’t just drop after few hours, instead it would be each month, and then I would go for more and more. So that you can provide and maybe bring in new clients right away whom I can talk to. If we focus on real estate, we can kick ass.
English is a must, a lot of times I can just introduce you to clients if they want to give you specific project, or want to talk to you, so have a fluent English written at least.
If you want to proceed and talk to me, I am available on skype or on US cell 858 222 0745 , my email is
I start marketing after New Year’s and it will last for 3 months.
There are tons of companies who are taking our jobs, I promise you it can be us, I’ll work very hard to find us long term clients, and from then on we can just explode and expand like crazy. I am not just talking I had Lue Deck,, and few other that I couldn’t do myself, and I know with the right team we can really rock.
Sorry for making this longer, get back to me if interested.

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